Our Services Primarily Consist of

  • Automotive Transaction Facilitation
  • Automotive Financing Facilitations
  • After-market Service Facilitation

Cango Platform Connects
Participants Along the Automotive Transaction Value Chain

  • Employees

  • Subsudiaries

  • Provinces

  • Cities


ZHOU Linan

Suqian Hongxin Automobile Sales & Services Co., Ltd.

“In areas where women are not the best, such as car search and fronting car payment, the platform built by Cango has truly saved me a lot of trouble. At the same time, their APP platform has all the functions I need and is easy to use, so I have become more efficient at work.

ZI Qingxian

Weishan County Zhongxin Automobile Sales Co., Ltd.

“Thanks to easy online processing and meticulous services from Cango associates, loan application was convenient and fast for the Yi villagers, some of whom had never set foot beyond the mountain. Sometimes they got to drive the car off the lot on the same day as the loan application.